14 November, 2017


The international cooperation project Laovo Cande, born in 2012 under the impetus of Journalists Solidarity-Seville Press Association, has so far set up two nursery schools, an adult literacy classroom, a health centre, a cooperative of peasants in Guinea-Bissau and, from January 2018, will launch the radio station Radio Mujer and a poultry farm.

All this has been possible thanks to the co-financing of the Andalusian Fund of Municipalities for International Solidarity (FAMSI) of the Diputación de Sevilla and the municipalities of Écija, Fuentes de Andalucía, Cañada Rosal, La Campana and La Louisiana. A group of journalism, education and health professionals also contribute, as well as individuals who support it with their contribution of 20 euros per quarter. It is remarkable the collaboration of companies and entities such as ONCE, RTVA, RNE, IFAPA, PERSAN, FERMUPE and MAMAS FRUIT TAPAS DE FRUTA.

The project was born to collaborate in the development of Candemba-Uri, the village of Laovo Cande, a young man who died in 2006 when he was travelling on board a cayuco in search of a better life. The project is presented as a tribute to all victims of emigration.

Guinea-Bissau is one of the poorest countries on the planet (ranked 178th in the United Nations Human Development Index) and its inhabitants have a life expectancy of 55 years. Candemba-Uri has a population of about 600 inhabitants.