14 November, 2017


In the health sector, in 2014 it was decided to create a health centre with a children’s and adults’ practice. Since 2016, three doctors have visited the centre every week on average 30 patients, most of them children. The main health problems are malaria, bronchopiratory diseases, hypertension, injuries and burns. The mortality rate at the time of delivery is very high.

At the moment, an ambulance and abundant medical supplies are waiting to arrive in Guinea-Bissau, all provided by the Andalusian Health Service. The medical vehicle will make it possible to reduce mortality at birth by facilitating the transfer of pregnant women to the Bafatá hospital, 12 kilometres from Candemba-Uri.

The health centre will also make it possible to set up a health insurance fund in the village, which will ease the difficulties of access to health care, since the country lacks a free public health system.